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Re: Wilkinson's new pterosaur paper

There is also evidence that the pteroid fits on another sesimoid that itself fits on the inboard face of the preaxial carpal. In other words, there are two sesimoids associated with the preaxial carpal, and the pteroid does not fit either in the cup, nor on the sesimoid that does. Chris describes this rather better than anyone else, and the evidence seems to bear him out.

That said, I think that Matt's work is worthy of publication and remains so as long as there is a lack of consensus. Matt writes clearly and his hypotheses are generally testable. My own take on the pterosaur wing is quite different, but Matt's work is always worth a serious evaluation, and I respect him.

It is possible for pterosaurs to fly with a wing/hindlimb connection, and I expect some did. It is also possible (and more efficient, given the ecological niches they seemed to tend to occupy) for them to fly with the wing independent of the hindlimb, and I expect some did that as well (in my personal opinion, most were probably independent, but I don't consider that to be proven).

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1) produce evidence that the pteroid fits in the cup of the preaxial carpal when the current evidence shows this to be the nesting site of a sesamoid,