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Re: Sereno papers needed

Sereno, P.C. (2007). The phylogenetic relationships of early dinosaurs: a comparative report. Historical Biology 19(1): 145-155.

A pdf of this one probably does exist, but on the website (http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/tandf/ghbi) no 2007 issue is even mentioned as existing yet, and of the last issue of 2006 (which recently arrived on paper in the University of Vienna) only one of the many articles is claimed to exist.

Sereno, Paul C. (2007). A New Phylogenetic Taxonomy of Dinosauria (Chordata: Archosauria). Journal of Paul C. Sereno 1(1):1-834.

This one is an April joke, composed of Sereno's common use of the wording "phylogenetic taxonomy" and his... perceived narcissism (see the journal name).