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Re: Wilkinson's new pterosaur paper

The two wing configurations 1) wingtip to elbow and 2) wingtip to thigh are fundamentally different. The first has its origin distally, like a bird. The other proximally, like a flying squirrel. You cannot have one AND the other in the same clade.

Why are you sure that one can't evolve into the other? Just because it has never happened in bats, which don't seem to have ecological niches where a long, narrow wing would make sense?

(I'm staying out of the discussion on pterosaur wing shapes. I just try to avoid making too many assumptions on what evolution _cannot_ do.)

Phil also did not have access to Ellenberger's unpublished photos of Cosesaurus taken from every angle and magnification. While Ellenberger's interpretations were a little off the mark, his data collection was fantastic.

Why aren't they published?

I'm also having trouble making sense of Senter's matrix and he's unable to help. He lists 215 characters, but his matrix only has 150 or so characters. So it's impossible to match them up.