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Re: Wilkinson's new pterosaur paper

I agree about sliding the proximal insertion point. I note in passing that the shape of the ilium in lateral view often describes a superb 'form' for an aft camberline and that an aft ilium attachment (actually, a full-length ilium attachment) might accept the wing membrane loads at a slightly lower stress level while allowing the elbow to better modulate the inboard camber.

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I don't quite understand what you mean by "wingtip to elbow". The wing has to attach somewhere proximally. I suspect that it attached near the anterior edge of the ilium in most large pterosaurs, and perhaps to the thigh in some others (and perhaps the ankle in a few forest-dwelling taxa). I see no reason why multiple attach points cannot exist in the same clade. It would simply mean "sliding" the proximal insertion point developmentally. Hardly seems impossible, or even improbable.


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