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Re: Patagonian Mesozoic Reptiles

At 23.32 11/07/2007 -0400, Nick Gardner wrote:
The name "Bayosaurus" was mentioned in...
Currie, Philip J., Carabajal, Ariana P., and Coria, Rodolfo A. (2006) A new
abelisauroid theropod from northwestern Patagonia.  Canadian Journal of
Earth Sciences 43: 1283-1289.
However, the name only appeared in a figure, not in the text.  So, if it's
not described in the "Patagonian Mesozoic Reptiles" volume, it's still a
nomen nudum.

One gets the impression from the relevant portions of the text, that "Bayosaurus" was intended to have been described in Coria's chapter in this volume, but was apparently omitted.

Dear Nick and all DML members,

Dr. Coria wrote to me that the name Bayosarus was originally created for the specimen described in the CJES paper by Currie et al. (2006), but before the publication, they were not sure that a new genus and species would be named for that specimen, so they decided to mantein the more generic donomination of abelisauroid (or abelisaurid, now I don't remember exactly). Only that they forgotten to delete the name Bayosaurus from the figure!


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