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Re: Wilkinson's new pterosaur paper, Cunningham, Habib

I'm in total agreement with Mike. I've not seen any preserved membrane where the preserved membrane passes the elbow more than 40% of the length of the humerus behind the elbow, and I think I'm the one who originally suggested both the single-slotted Fowler flap concept and the thought that the differential preservation and/or 'gathering' that a few wings show behind the elbow could be related to a drag reducing 'nacelle' function at what would otherwise be a rather draggy location. I do point out that there is no consensus among pterosaur workers yet. Padian, Peters, Conway, Habib, me, and a few others tend to fall in the mostly narrow wing camp. Some of us don't think ankle attachments are impossible in some species -- others do. I believe Unwin, Wilkinson, McMasters, Frey, Martill, and Chatterjee fall in the totally broadwing camp, but they are all welcome to correct me if my memory is wrong. I think Bennett may lie somewhere between, but am pretty sure he prefers an ankle attachment. In any event, I don't consider the trailing edge attachment to be proven yet, nor necessarily fixed. Speaking for myself, I've never seen any evidence for a broadwing or ankle attachment that I find personally convincing. That doesn't mean they don't exist. And the fact that no unequivocal narrowwing attachment has been found doesn't mean that they don't exist.

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>The question is indeed what the inboard wing looked like. And it is >certain. [David P]

I actually agree that most, if not all, known pterosaurs probably had narrow chord wings. [Mike H]