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dino quiz

Could someone on the list with some credentials look at this quiz?


Look at question #4.  

4. This dinosaur was 75 ft long, weighed approximately 7 tons, was 43 feet tall 
and is thought to be one of the largest animals that ever existed:

a.) Allosaurus

b.) Brachiosaurus

c.) Plateosaurus

I think they meant 70 tons not 7 and the answer they are looking for is the 
Brachiosaurus.  I called and e-mailed the station and they informed me in no 
uncertain terms that they had double and triple checked their facts and that I 
was mistaken not them.  After all I've only written one book on dinosaurs and 
they are a news television station.

Their number is  614-460-3700 if anyone wants to talk to an unfriendly on air 


Steve Miller


The fish are biting. 
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