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RE: Ontogenetic stages in thyreophorans

Nick Gardner wrote:

Outside of the juvenile examples of stegosaurs described by Galton in the 80s (i.e. _Omosaurus_, _Stegosaurus_, "Astrodon"),
_Liaoningosaurus_ (Xu et al. 2001), the baby nodosaurid described by
Jacobs et al. (1996), _Pinacosaurus_ (? Hill et al 2003, I think), and _Euoplocephalus_ (Coombs, 1986); are there any other examples of
non-adult thyreophorans?

_Anoplosaurus curtonatus_ is another, I believe. The lack of armour (the reason behind the "anoplo" portion of the genus name) is possibly ontogenetic. Suberbiola and Barrett (1999) find _A. curtonatus_ to be a valid genus and species of ankylosaur...

Suberbiola, X.-P., and Barrett, P.M. (1999). A systematic review of ankylosaurian dinosaur remains from the Albian of England. Special Papers in Palaeontology 60: 177-208.