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Re: Ontogenetic stages in thyreophorans

Others include:

DM Martill, DJ Batten & DK Loydell. 2000. A new specimen of the
thyreophoran dinosaur cf. Scelidosaurus with soft tissue preservation.
Palaeontology 43 (3): 549-559.   This is mostly a scute and skin
paper, but the specimen they describe is definitely juvenile.

Maidment and Wei (2006) concluded that the holotype of Chialingosaurus
kuani was a juvenile stegosaur (and sunk the taxon).  (Geological
Magazine; doi:10.1017/S0016756806002500).

Citation for Pinacosaurus is:

Hill, R.V., Witmer, L.M., Norell, M.A. 2003. A New specimen of
Pinacosaurus grangeri (Dinosauria: Ornithischia) from the Late
Cretaceous of Mongolia: ontogeny and phylogeny of ankylosaurs.
American Museum Novitates 3395: 1-29.

Hope this helps,

Sarah Werning
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On 7/14/07, Nick <nick.gardner@gmail.com> wrote:
Outside of the juvenile examples of stegosaurs described by Galton in
the 80s (i.e. _Omosaurus_, _Stegosaurus_, "Astrodon"),
_Liaoningosaurus_ (Xu et al. 2001), the baby nodosaurid described by
Jacobs et al. (1996), _Pinacosaurus_ (? Hill et al 2003, I think), and
_Euoplocephalus_ (Coombs, 1986); are there any other examples of
non-adult thyreophorans?

I'm mostly looking for citations here, I can find the articles on my
own once I know what I'm looking for, thanks.

Nick Gardner