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Re: Pterosaur exhibition - Japan

I took a look at the site; it looks like a nice exhibit!  Of course, it was 
difficult to make out all the details, given the language barrier, but the 
photos were informative.  There wouldn't happen to be any photos of the Quetz. 
model from a more anterior view, would there?

In any case, congrats on the exhibit (I know you said it was based "in part" on 
the The Pterosaurs, but I'm sure it was a rather substantial influence).  If I 
could only afford tickets to Tokyo...


--Mike H.

Michael Habib, M.S.
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On Sunday, July 15, 2007, at 03:31  PM, Unwin, Dr D.M. wrote:

Pterosaur Exhibition: Japan

"A new pterosaur exhibition opened in the Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History 
and Human History on July 6th.

The exhibition is based in part on The Pterosaurs (available from all good book 
stores and eBay for less than a burger...sob...)
and features lots of original specimens (principally from China, South America, 
Germany and Japan) and some terrific reconstructions including life size models 
of Quetzalcoatlus hung at head height. There are some great animations and the 
whole thing is set off by lots of Todd Marshall's excellent paintings. At 600 
Yen per person its a snip...."