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Re: W. D. Matthew's _Dinosaurs_

Danvarner@aol.com writes:

Matthew's seminal popular dinosaur publication is now available complete with original illustrations at the url below.


The Triceratops and Stegosaurus representations in Figure 6 don't look too much different to modern reconstructions (the stegosaur's tail was even elevated). It seems they got the diplodocid neck postures 'right' as well (so we've recently come full circle!).

It's interesting that although most pictures of bipeds tended to show them in kangaroo-like or even human-like postures, some of the old skeletal mounts (Allosaurus in Fig.11, for instance) were fairly close to the mark. It seems that a lot of artists either didn't look closely at the bones, or didn't bother to talk to those who had. Or they simply copied earlier works without question.

Knight's Ornitholetes painting (capturing what appears to be an Archaeopteryx) was also impressively dynamic. You can definitely see Osborn's influence there.


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