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Refurbished Berlin Brachiosaurus Mount

Danvarner@aol.com writes:
 > The Berlin Museum of Natural History's new dinosaur mounts have
 > recently been put on view. The Brachiosaurus will probably be
 > controversial. Here are some photos:
 > http://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/0,5538,PB64-SUQ9MjMxNDEmbnI9MQ_3_3,00.html

Thanks for this link, Dan.  More photos have been surprisingly hard to
come by, but judging by these frustratingly small ones, it looks like
David and Kristian have done a spectacular job.  Putting the three
sauropods together is definitely an impressive move.

Adopting so very Christian-and-Heinrichish a neck posture is
... courageous :-)  While a lot more work will be needed to persuade
me that Stevens and Parrish's ultra-low neck posture of Brachiosaurus
is correct, this 1988-era GSP pose, in which the neck actually curves
backwards between about C6 and C8, is just asking for another remount
in a few years.  I notice that Greg himself is using a less elevant
posture in more recent versions of his reconstruction -- for example,
the one in the Scientific American book has its neck at about 60
degrees to the horizontal.

Still, however strong its scientific basis, there's no question but
that this pose shows off the material in the most impressive way.  I
can't wait to get back over there and see just how weird it looks in

I will sort of miss Janensch's mount, though, with the goofy elbows

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