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Re: a prehistoric man movie

T. Michael Keesey writes:
 > On 7/13/07, Brandon Pilcher <trex_kid@hotmail.com> wrote:
 > > We really need a new name for the group that consists of
 > > dinosaurs and birds (with dinosaurs being the non-avian portion
 > > of that clade). How about...Avedinosauria? Or maybe a name that
 > > describes a characteristic shared by birds and all non-avian
 > > dinosaurs (saurischian AND ornithoschian).
 > There are several terms that correspond more or less to the
 > traditional usage, depending on your reason for wanting to refer to
 > it:
 > - "classic Dinosauria" or "traditional Dinosauria" for discussing
 > historical usage
 > [snip many more]

And don't forget the term Real Dinosaurs!

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