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Re: W. D. Matthew's _Dinosaurs_

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marksabercat@yahoo.com writes:

<< Do you
or anyone else on the List know why the AMNH  never
went through with this? >>

Unfortunately, the AMNH Paleo website is down and  they have the story of the 
Tyrannosaurus skeletons. If I remember correctly, it  was a question of room, 
but I'm not sure about it. But one thing you have to  remember is that they 
actually made half of the group. The old-pose of 5027 WAS  the rearing figure 
on the right in the model shots. The battle concept lived on  in Knight's 
illustrations for National Geographic and _Life Through The Ages_ .  It would 
been the greatest of all dinosaur mounts had it been completed.  You can 
access the original article here:



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