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Dino Job MfN Berlin

Dear All,

Now here is a nice job... but get your skates on, the deadline is less than 
three weeks away.

Museum für Naturkunde - Department of Collections 
Curatorial position at the grade ?Akademische/r Rätin/Rat? -

Primary duties and responsibilities: Research in the following area: Taxonomy, 
evolution, phylogenetic systematics, palaeobiology and distribution of 
dinosaurs; curatorial work within the collection of the Archosauromorpha 
(Crocodylia, Pterosauria, Dinosauria, Aves) including the reptiles of the 
Tendaguru Expeditions; participation in projects associated with the exhibits 
and further public relations / outreach activities.

Requirements: Ph.D., plus at least three years additional experience in either 
a postdoctoral, or a permanent capacity (or similar practical experience); 
comprehensive knowledge of modern phylogenetic systematics; proven excellence 
in conducting high-level research; proven history of successful grant 
applications; experience of supervision or handling of research collections in 
either a museum or related institution.

Applications, accompanied by the usual documentation, are due August 2nd, 2007 
and should be made in writing to the: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Museum 
für Naturkunde, Der Verwaltungsleiter, Unter den Linden 6, D-10099 Berlin, 
Germany. Please quote the box number AN/075/07.

The Humboldt-University zu Berlin is an equal opportunity employer, committed 
to the advancement of individuals without regard to ethnicity, religion, sex, 
age, disability or any other protected status.