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Re: aktinofibril intercalation, JCunningham

Jim Cunningham wrote: 
>As an aside, for the broadwing concept, I see no way for the chord of the 
>inner wing to be extensible enough to allow for free motion of the hindlimbs 
>when launching.  If it is slack enough to allow the rear legs freedom to 
>launch, then it will be slack enough in flight to present severe problems 
>for both flight efficiency and flight control.  Keeping it taught would 
>require limitations on hindlimb mobility in flight that don't seem 
>practicable to me.  When the inner wings go slack, the animal will be on the 
>ground in short order, whether intended or not.

Probably would be a good idea for you to sketch or trace a Cunningham version 
of the wing/torso/leg combination for me. I have a feeling you're depending on 
the hind legs to keep the trailing edge of the wing taut when the elbow is 
doing that job. Funny, I thought we were on the same page on that matter. I'm 
sending you a GIF of the Vienna specimen on a separate email so you can see 
what the evidence is saying.