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Re: aktinofibril intercalation, JCunningham

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Subject: Re: aktinofibril intercalation, JCunningham

Probably would be a good idea for you to sketch or trace a Cunningham version of the wing/torso/leg combination for me. I have a feeling you're depending on the hind legs to keep the trailing edge of the wing taut when the elbow is doing that job.

Since I personally think most pterosaurs had a narrow wing rather than a broad wing, your statement as phrased makes no sense at all to me.... :-)
I don't see how the positioning of the hind legs would keep the trailing edge taut if there is no connection to them. You might wish to reread what I did say. Many of John Conway's drawings are a pretty fair match for my take on the wing/torso/leg combination.

Funny, I thought we were on the same page on that matter. I'm sending you a GIF of the Vienna specimen on a separate email so you can see what the evidence is saying.<

Thanks, I appreciate it.