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Re: Coelacanths and dodos

There was definitely a live Coelacanth in the Steinhardt aquarium in San Francisco in the early 90's at least. It was a wonderful exhibit on evolution.

On Jul 16, 2007, at 12:21 PM, Donna Braginetz wrote:


Undoubtedly due to an extra-lively imagination, I have a vivid memory of
seeing a coelacanth in an aquarium in California (San Francisco?) when I
was a little kid, so we're talking mid to late 1950s. There was no such
thing, right? Have living coelacanths ever been been on display to the public?

I also have a strong memory of seeing a "stuffed" dodo on display in, I
think, a lighthouse (it may have been a gift shop built to look like a
lighthouse). This was probably during the same trip to the San Francisco
area. Does anyone recall such a thing? (Maybe I misidentified some
common large seabird with a thick bill.)


Allan Edels wrote:

From Wikipedia (and it matches books and papers I've seen, up until about 2
years ago).  Note that it already included the latest discovery:

Timeline of discoveries:
Date - Description:
1938 - (December 23) Discovery of the first modern coelacanth 30 km SW of
East London, South Africa.
1952 - (December 21) Second specimen identified in the Comoros. Since then
more than 200 have been caught around the islands.
1988 - First photographs of coelacanths in their natural habitat, by Hans
Fricke off Grand Comore.
1991 - First coelacanth identified near Mozambique, 24 km offshore NE of
1995 - First recorded coelacanth on Madagascar, 30 km S of Tuléar.
1997 (September 18) - New species of coelacanth found in Indonesia.
2000 - A group found by divers off Sodwana Bay, South Africa.
2001 - A group found off the coast of Kenya.
2003 - First coelacanth caught by fisherman in Tanzania. Within the year, 22
were caught in total.
2004 - Canadian researcher William Sommers captured the largest recorded
specimen of coelacanth off the coast of Madagascar.
2007 (May 19) - Indonesian fisherman Justinus Lahama caught a 4 feet
long,112 pound coelacanth off Sulawesi Island near Bunaken National Marine
Park that survived for 17 hours in a quarantined pool.
2007 (July 15) - Two fishermen from Zanzibar caught a 60lbs. and 1.34 meter
long Coelacanth. The fish was caught off the North tip of Zanzibar

Estimated total population (circa 1998) - 500. (On international endangered
species list).