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Re: Refurbished Berlin Brachiosaurus Mount

Kent A. Stevens writes:
 > Mike, try to differentiate between a very high resting neck posture  
 > for vigilance (watching out for lions, for instance) and the actual  
 > postures involved during feeding, especially in dry season, as the  
 > cited studies have shown.

Well, sure.  I didn't say anything about giraffes _feeding_ in the
vertical-neck posture, but about how they _stand_.  (I'm not really
sure how we got onto the subject of giraffes anyway, since we both
agree that they are not particularly good osteological analogues for

 > The articles we cited help one to see the complexity of feeding
 > behavior under natural conditions.  I'd recommend you actually read
 > them.

Where did you get this idea that I've not read them?  I've read
everything you've ever had published on this subject, plus the
unpublished material on your web-site, much of it as soon as it became
available and most of it multiple times.

You seem to be assuming that the only possible way I could fail to
agree with you is by not having read the articles.  On the contrary:
you make a good case, but I don't find it a compelling one.

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