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Re: Refurbished Berlin Brachiosaurus Mount

Where did you get this idea that I've not read them? I've read everything you've ever had published on this subject, ...

Oh, since you were asking about the giraffe "orthodoxy" I suggested you read those articles.

And as for your (seemingly) asserting that I did not believe Brachiosaurus could dorsiflex to 9 m or so (in your recent sentence of questionable grammar), I presumed you hadn't actually read those articles I wrote with Mike Parrish, hence my going to the effort to excerpt them for you.

You seem to be assuming that the only possible way I could fail to
agree with you is by not having read the articles.

No I'm not assuming that, trust me. I'm also not trying to convince you personally. I just found myself trying to correct some potential misunderstandings that might arise from some DML postings. Let's quit this thread because it seems to have degenerated to only being about misunderstandings between the two of us, and not of general DML interest. I'll be at SVPCA Glasgow and be delighted to discuss over a beer, if you are going to be there.


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