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Re: More on Argentavis

Dan and Others who responded, A belated thanks for the
origins of this little myth. I'm looking forward to
reading the paper on A's flight limitations when
available. --Mark
--- Dann Pigdon <dannj@alphalink.com.au> wrote:

> Mark Hallett writes: 
> > perhaps I'm remembering this
> > incorrectly or incompletely, but wasn't there an
> > aeronautics engineer who stated many years ago
> that
> > according to the laws of flight dynamics, a
> bumblebee
> > should in theory be incapable of flight? 
> According to the incompletly known laws at the time.
> We now know more about 
> aerodynamics - and no doubt have plenty more to
> learn. 
> You point is still valid though. The history of
> science is littered with 
> examples of people putting theoretical limits on
> living things, only to have 
> those living things make them look like idiots in
> front of all of their 
> scientist friends. The abilities of extinct
> creatures are of course a lot 
> harder to test. 
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