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Tyrannosaurus Rex: hunter or scavenger?

Sorry to bring up a trite question...but what is the consensus view on the feeding habits of Tyrannosaurus Rex?

I imagine T-Rex as a predator, stalking hadrosaurs, ceratopsians, and sauropods in the jungle or woodlands and crouching in the undergrowth downwind, and then bursting out and pursuing them (or fighting them in the case of the ceratopsian) until it got a grip on the neck and then delivering a bone-shattering bite. However, I believe it would take carrion if necessary (as stale as rotting meat probably tastes).

A common reconstruction of T-Rex behavior by the "obligatory scavenger" camp is stealing prey from other theropods, but this does not seem realistic. The only other non-avaian predatory theropods known to coexist with T-Rex (Dromeosaurus, Chirostenotes, etc.) are very tiny, and while these animals could have hunted in packs, I doubt they would have brought down game big enough to feed a T-Rex. The size difference between these smaller theropods and T-Rex's probable preferred foods is similar to that between wild dogs and elephants, and wild dogs, if I recall correctly, do not usually attack elephants, pack-hunting strategies notwithstanding (I guess the fear of getting squashed suppresses all willingness to cooperate).

BTW, whatever happened to the allosauroids of North America in the Early Cretaceous (e.g. Acrocanthosaurus)? Did competition with tyrannosaurids eventually wipe them out, or did changing climate cause their extinction?

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