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Re: Did pterosaurs feed by skimming?

I've not read the paper yet, but note in passing that we've done simulated skimming runs of up to 500 meters with sailplanes similar in size and performance to Quetzalcoatlus northropi, and that this would appear to be a sufficient distance to make the technique feasible for use in fresh-water lakes and rivers. Quetzalcoatlus does not have jaw convergences with Rynchops, but does seem to have a mandible design that would be suitable for skimming.

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Subject: Did pterosaurs feed by skimming?

Using physical and
mathematical models of Rynchops bills and pterosaur jaws, we show that
skimming is considerably more energetically costly than previously
thought for Rynchops and that pterosaurs weighing more than one kilogram
would not have been able to skim at all.