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Ankylosaur paper


Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science
Article: pp. 1–9

Skull of the ankylosaur Niobrarasaurus coleu (Ankylosauria:
Nodosauridae) from the Smoky Hill Chalk (Coniacian) of western Kansas
Kenneth Carpenter1, Michael J. Everhart 2

1 Department of Earth Sciences, Denver Museum of Nature and Science,
2001 Colorado Blvd., Denver, Colorado 80205 ( Ken.Carpenter@dmns.org)
2 Sternberg Museum of Natural History, Fort Hays State University,
Hays, Kansas 67601 (meverhar@fhsu.edu )

The skull of the nodosaurid Niobrarasaurus coleii (Mehl) is
redescribed as the result of the discovery of additional material,
including the partially crushed braincase. The bone surface shows
moderate remodeling, but not to the point of sutural obliteration. The
snout section suggests a long, narrow skull more similar to
Pawpawsaurus than the broader Edmontonia. Nevertheless, the skull
differs from other nodosaurs in the ornamentation of the bone surface
and trapezoidal outline of the occipital condyle in posterior view.

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