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Re: Did pterosaurs feed by skimming?

>>Thankfully, terms like 'trike' (for Triceratops) and 'compy' (for 
>>Procompsognathus) didn't really take off. The latter in particular,
>since it 
>>could have easily been confused for a shortening of Compsognathus
>>Maybe P-Comp (as in P-Diddy) would have been more correct - although
>>then it may have implied a dinosaur that could shoot back at you. 

We still get bombarded everywhere by T-rex, though, making
_Tyrannosaurus rex_ probably the only organism other than
_Escherichia coli_ automatically recognised from its species name
without recourse to genus name - though we might be in trouble if
someone's actually referring to the beetle _Tyrannosorus rex_ or the
amoeboid _Entamoeba coli_.

In regards to the 'compy' does not equal '_Compsognathus_' thing,
it's not as if Crichton and the makers of Jurassic Park seemed to be
overly aware of the difference anyway ;-).


        Christopher Taylor