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RE: Correction/update #3 - Mesozoic dinosaur species

> *On the other hand, _Science_ and _Nature_ both have
> an absolutely
> appalling track record when it comes to publishing
> names in a matter
> that doesn't fulfil all the strict requirements of
> the ICZN. In most
> cases, intent is obvious enough that there would be
> no benefit from
> being anal about such things (let's just let
> _Vegavis_ slide, shall
> we?), but it still doesn't look the best.

_Enantiornis leali_

Sorry, couldn't resist ;)

In the case of _L. kipunji_ (and the new _Liocichla_,
etc), matters are not that bad. Eventually the type
individual can be assumed to have died - in 20 years
maybe - and by then, a specimen ought to have been
collected opportunistically. This can then simply be
designated as neotype, and everybody's happy.


Speaking of descriptions based on images, Lord
Rothschild's "Extinct Birds" goes into the public
domain January 1st, 2008, if I'm not mistaken. And
about time too - by now I think there are more copies
that have been disassembled for the grey art market
than exist in the original form.

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