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RE: Correction/update #3 - Mesozoic dinosaur species

>>_Enantiornis leali_
>>Sorry, couldn't resist ;)

I could have named a few more, and some more recent - I only singled
out _Vegavis_ because that one has already been recognised and
corrected, and I thought exposing uncorrected ones might undermine my
point that making a fuss about it would probably be counterproductive

>>In the case of _L. kipunji_ (and the new _Liocichla_,
>>etc), matters are not that bad. Eventually the type
>>individual can be assumed to have died - in 20 years
>>maybe - and by then, a specimen ought to have been
>>collected opportunistically. This can then simply be
>>designated as neotype, and everybody's happy.

No need to wait. In the case of _Lophocebus kipunji_, a specimen
found in a hunter's trap has already been neotyped. Should a new
_Nopcsadactylus_ specimen turn up, one could easily do the same.


        Christopher Taylor