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It Came From New Papers II

Forgot one -- probably 'cuz it ain't in a Chinese journal:

Grellet-Tinner, G., and Zaher, H. 2007. Taxonomic identification of the 
megaloolithid egg and eggshells from the Cretaceous Bauru Bain (Minas Gerais, 
Brazil): comparison with the Auca Mahuevo (Argentina) titanosaurid eggs. Papeis 
Avulsos de Zoologia 47(7):105-112.


ABSTRACT: The taxonomically (titanosaurid) identified eggs and eggshells of 
Auca Mahuevo (Patagonia, Argentina) provide an opportunity to compare and 
identify orphan megaloolithid eggs found elsewhere. Previous investigation 
determined that the oological material from Neuquén (Megaloolithus patagonicus) 
and Peru (M. pseudomamillare) are related to titanosaurid dinosaurs. 
Examination of an egg and several (megaloolithid) eggshell fragments from the 
Upper Cretaceous Marilia Formation strongly suggests, as oological characters 
are at least genus specific, that the same group of titanosaur dinosaurs, which 
lived in the Neuquén Basin during the Late Campanian, were also present and 
reproducing in the Cretaceous Bauru Basin (Brazil). Furthermore, it has been 
suggested that these titanosaurs, based on the site of Auca Mahuevo, 
demonstrated colonial nesting and nesting fidelity. These reproductive 
behaviors would advocate that similar nesting sites should exist in the Upper 
 formations of the Bauru Basin and remain to be discovered, as the present 
Peiropolis locality represents a secondary deposit where fossils have been 
transported by high-energy fluvial system.


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