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New =?unknown?q?Pal=E4ontologische?= Zeitschrift papers

I'm not sure if these have already been posted, below
each reference is a link giving access to the paper,
its only scanned, no pdfs, sorry..

Paläontologische Zeitschrift 2007 Vol.81/2

New information on the anatomy of the Late Permian
gliding reptile Coelurosauravus.
Schaumberg et al.


Furculae in the Late Triassic theropod dinosaur
Coelophysis bauri.
Rinehart et al.


A revision of Poposaurus gracilis (Archosauria:Suchia)
based on two new specimens from the Late Triassic of
the southwestern U.S.A
Weinbaum et al.


Please tell me that I wasn't moron enough to scan
something that already exists as pdfs :-(


Mark Van Tomme

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