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Re: Dinosaurs Had Sex As Youths, Study Says

That sounds right.  Adolescence always follows the period of rapid growth.

Amazing how often young budgisauruses think they're all grown up, though. LOL!

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

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Question; on what criteria are they judging when the dinosaurs were

"Adults" in this context was the ending of the rapid phase of growth, which can be seen in histological sections by a shift to extremely closely spaced growth rings (the External Fundamental System) rather than typical LAGS.

Modern dinosaurs are capable of laying eggs that hatch into young when
are adolescents, just as humans are.   It isn't particularly good for
nor for the babies.    If some of the larger ancient dinosaurs kept
throughout life, how would one judge when they were full grown?

See above. Dinosaurs do seem to reach a point when they are barely growing larger each year: the end of their rapid phase of growth.

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