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Re: new sauropods: Amargatitanis and Nopcsaspondylus

Jose Ignacio Ruiz-Omeñaca wrote:

The geological formation where Amargatitanis comes, "La Amarga", is feminine in spanish (and means "The Bitter one")

> Nick Pharris <npharris@umich.edu> ha escrito:
> >
> AMARGATITANIS gen. nov. >
> Etymology: Amarga, referring the fossil locality; titanis (Greek), titan, giant, because of the > affinities of the specimen with the titanosaurs. >
> Actually, *titanis* is specifically a female titan.

A Titaness, then?

I would guess, then, that the beastie was named "Amargatitanis" rather than "Amargatitan" in order to match the genders, as both "titanis" and "La Amarga" are feminine. The same rationale was behind _Bonitasaura_ (rather than Bonitasaurus). However, as Nick would say, there is no obligation for genders to match within a genus name, so "Amargatitan" would have worked too. After all, we have _Amargasaurus_ and _Laplatasaurus_, and La Plata (like La Bonita and La Amarga) is feminine.



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