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Close Encounters of the New Paper Kind

This today:

Saveliev, S. V., & V. R. Alifanov. 2007.  A new study of the brain of
the predatory dinosaur Tarbosaurus bataar  (Theropoda,
Tyrannosauridae). Paleontological Journal 41 (3): 281-289.

"The brain morphology and the topography of the cranial nerves on an
endocranial mold of the theropod dinosaur Tarbosaurus bataar
(Tyrannosauridae) are examined. The brain of this dinosaur was
constructed based on the reptile archetype, with a well-developed
specialized olfactory analyzer. In terms of development, the visual
centers were superseded not only by the olfactory centers, but also
by the auditory centers. Comparative analysis of the brain structure
of Tarbosaurus and Tyrannosaurus shows clear distinctions in the
topography of roots of the accessory and trigeminal nerves."

Zelenkov, N. V. 2007.  The structure and probable mechanism of
evolutionary formation of the foot in piciform birds (Aves:
Piciformes). Paleontological Journal 41 (3): 290-297.

"The foot structure of piciform and coraciiform birds is examined in
detail. Certain similarity in foot structure between woodpeckers and
woodhoopoes is shown and provides the basis for the model of the
evolutionary formation of the zygodactyl foot. It is shown that
African mousebirds and the Madagascan Leptosomus discolor are
probably the closest relatives of piciforms. A brief review of fossil
groups presumably belonging to the piciform stem is provided."

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        Christopher Taylor