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Re: Hyposphene and hypantrum

Hi Mike, I think that Riggs wanted to say that the
surface "fits/ is coincident" with the
vertical articular surface of the hyposphene"
I think is just a word mistake. The sense of
hyposphene as the hanging positive structure in the
posterior part of vertebrae was never doubted afaik.

--- Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com> escribió:

> We all know the hyposphene as an accessory
> intervertebral articulation
> in the form of a posterior projection below the
> postzygapophyses, and
> the hypantrum as a corresponding notch below the
> prezygapophyses, the
> hyposphene of one vertebra fitting into the
> hypantrum of the next.
> However, Riggs (1904), in the full description of
> _Brachiosaurus
> altithorax_, consistently reverses these two terms. 
> For example, on
> pp. 232-233 he writes:
>       The mesial surface of the prezygapophysis curves
>       rapidly downward and is continuous with the
> vertical
>       articular surface of the hyposphene [should be
>       hypantrum].  Similarly the articular surface of the
>       postzygapophysis is continuous with the of the
>       hypantrum [should be hyposphene] ... The hypantrum
> is
>       also slightly expanded inferiorly so as to prevent
> a
>       downward displacement of the prezygapophyses.
> Does anyone know of other papers that reverse the
> sense of hyposphene
> and hypantrum like this?  Is it a simple mistake, or
> did the terms
> have the opposite meanings in the early 20th
> century?
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