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Re: Feather Flap

Being more interested in convincing selective scenarios than precise kinship, I 
am somewhat agnostic here. That said, can anyone tell where (and why) the 
"plant-eating habits" in the article quote pasted below came into the proposed 
selective process? In either trees down' or 'ground up' I think predatory 
lifestyles work a lot better for evolving feathered flight...

"Current theory says that over time theropods developed plant-eating
habits, grew feathers to keep warm, and took to the trees for safety."

Actually, I am not sure this could be easily resolved w/ a time machine... 
wonderful way to generate ink, though.


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> Feduccia might want to falsify the existence
> of feathers in Microraptor. Or he might not want to,
> because he won't be able to.

Nope. Feduccia simply asserts, on the second page of that article, that *M.* 
was a bird and that the resemblance to "small dinosaurs" is "superficial". 
Problem solved, everyone happy. Also quoted is Storrs "BAND leader" Olson 
making... peculiar... accusations.