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Re: Hone and Benton 2007 (their second paper)

Anthony Docimo writes:
>> Depends what you mean by "arboreal"?  Are you saying that
>> _Archaeopteryx_ was not arboreal because it lacked perching
>> adaptations?
>> In a previous post, Jim Cunningham stated that goats were arboreal
>> because they can climb trees.  But what goats do is hook their
>> hooves over branches and clamber up the tree (not very elegantly).
>> However, goats do not habitually climb trees and they show no
>> specific adaptations to either scansoriality or arboreality.
> *tries to imagine Archie (or any other wing-feathered maniraptoran)
> climbing like a goat*
> u,mmm.....I'm having trouble forming that image.  think you could
> provide a sketch or a drawing of it, to help the rest of us along?
> (even a cartoon)

I had trouble imagining goats climbing trees, but --

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