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RE: Megalosaurus bucklandii or M. bucklandi?

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> Andrew Milner
> Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2007 1:17 PM
> Subject: Megalosaurus bucklandii or M. bucklandi?
> Hi folks,
> What is the correct spelling of _Megalosaurus_ species described by Ritgen,
> 1826? Is it _M. bucklandii_ or M. bucklandi_?
> Looking "The Dinosauria" 2nd Edition (eds., Weishampel et al., 2004) it's
> spelt _M. bucklandi_. In Naish & Martill, 2007. Dinosaurs of Great Britain
> ..., Journal of the Geological Society, London, v. 164, pp. 493-510; they
> refer to it as _M. bucklandii_.
> Just need a quick clarification on this for an exhibit.
> Thanks!

I (and others who have used the single "i") was wrong. It is properly 

However, I am not at liberty to discuss the complete taxonomic issue. Let's 
just Wait For The Paper (and there is one coming out, so
don't despair!)

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