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Re: Dead Men Don't Wear New Papers


Yikes! Someone really liked the name _Tetrasauropus_. 

Incidentally; Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid is a fun
little cult gem. It's worth renting.


--- "Jerry D. Harris" <jharris@dixie.edu> wrote:

> D'Orazi Porchetti, S., and Nicosia, U. 2007.
> Re-examination of some large
> Early Mesozoic tetrapod footprints from the African
> collection of Paul
> Ellenberger. Ichnos 14(3-4):219-245. doi:
> 10.1080/10420940601049990.
> ABSTRACT: The Late Triassic - Early Jurassic
> ichnofauna described mainly by
> Paul Ellenberger from southern Africa (Lesotho) is a
> valuable window on
> first phases of dinosaur diversification.
> Unfortunately, the present
> taxonomic status of several forms from that
> ichnofauna is unclear. The
> revision of this material has been frequently
> invoked and partially done
> without reaching many definitive results. Due to the
> enormous amount of
> data, a global revision seems at present impossible
> and must be accomplished
> in smaller steps. A small number of Ellenberger's
> ichnogenera including
> Tetrasauropus, Pseudotetrasauropus, Pentasauropus,
> Paratetrasauropus,
> Sauropodopus and Deuterosauropodopus, which
> different authors have ascribed
> to basal sauropodomorphs, are here revised in a
> consistent manner and their
> attribution to osteological clades is considered.
> Tetrasauropus and
> Pseudotetrasauropus are here validated as the only
> ichnotaxa related to
> sauropodomorphs. Pentasauropus is retained as valid,
> and a therapsid
> trackmaker is suggested. Paratetrasauropus and
> Sauropodopus are also
> validated and ascribed to non-dinosaurian
> trackmakers, and
> Deuterosauropodopus is synonymized with
> Sauropodopus.

"I am impressed by the fact that we know less about many modern [reptile] types 
than we do of many fossil groups." - Alfred S. Romer

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