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Re: Carnegie Diplodocus

Pursuing Velo's w/ mouths closed? Sorry, that is where I draw the line... whut 
wuz y'all thinkin'? What about the children?

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Posted by Luis Alcalá:
>What a terrible breech of etiquette!  Everyone knows therapods should be
mounted mouth >open and sauropods with mouth closed!


Yes, I know, Luis. Out here at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center (been working
here for a couple weeks now) we have a couple of Velociraptors chasing a
Protoceratops and both dromaeosaurs were mounted with their mouths closed.
Oh, the shame!

You know what's even worse? At the AMNH, their skeleton of Tenontosaurus
doesn't have even a single Deinonychus trying to maul it. What are we
coming to these days?
(end sarcasm)

-Jamie Stearns

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