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Iguanodon mount (Re: Diplodocus Carnegie)

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Datum: Wed, 06 Jun 2007 00:28:54 -0400
Von: "stearns5@cox.net" <stearns5@cox.net>
An: dinosaur@usc.edu
Betreff: Re: Carnegie Diplodocus

> Oops, actually Luis didn't write that, I got the messages mixed up
> somehow.
> It was actually ackolbert@aol.com's message on behalf of the list owner,
> according to that message itself.
> Anyhow, it's refreshing to see some creativity and tradition-breaking in
> new dino mounts. Whcih reminds me: When are those European museums ever
> going to remount their Iguanodons so their tails aren't being snapped in
> half, and why do all Mamenchisaurus mounts still have a Diplodocus head
> rather than the one preserved with M. youngi?
> -Jamie Stearns

Well, at least Frankfurts Senckenberg Museum did remount its Iguanodon(although 
they only have a cast). See:



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