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comments on M.Taylor works

Hi Mike,
I was reading some of the interesting works from your
web page, and I'd like to tell you 2 things:
1. Nice work that of the english Tendaguru
brachiosaur! If absence of hyps is real could be a
basal titanosaur, but anyway I think is not real,
casuse postzygs are too close, all the stuff looks
like compressed, and there is something still in the
hyposphene position.

2. I do not agree in your diplods work with Darren in:
 "the taxon Rebbachisauridae was not erected until
Bonaparte (1997). However, since this was only an
abstract, some sources (e.g., Upchurch et al. 2004)
have preferred to cite Sereno et al.?s (1999) use of
this name, and we follow this choice."

I think we should use: Rebbachisauridae Bonaparte 1997
sensu Sereno et al., 1999.
Yes, maybe this is only because I know Bona, but
besides that, I think is fair and correct.

All the best and congrats. Sebastian.

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