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Re: Feather Flap

I agree completely. The problem is trying to frame an ecomorphological model for climbing in theropods that can be "tested". Something along the lines of biomechanical studies combined with modern analogs - such as what was done with the study of _Mononykus_'s forelimbs in a fairly recent study.

True, it is difficult. One approach is essentially a biomechanical process of elimination. If we first quantify forelimb loadings, and then look at the range of possible sources for that loading regime, I suspect that only a couple of causes will be viable, given other anatomical constraints.

One set of characters of note in the regard are actually structural characters: extant arboreal birds (including modern passerines and falconimorphs, for example) seem to fall within a similar range for certain quantitative, structural characters associated with limb loading.

That sounds very interesting. Do you have a particular study in mind?

The statement was based upon work I am in the middle of as we speak (ie. unpublished data). It will make its debut at SVP if my abstract is accepted. If not, then at some future date.


--Mike H.