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Re: late night thoughts: not all T. rexes were adults

It is true, tyrannosaurids didn't have to run down their prey... it is a safe 
assumption that sauropods couldn't run.


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Subject: late night thoughts: not all T. rexes were adults

Just read the latest by Hutchison et al on the agility of 
T. rex (popular press--link below). Perhaps there's some-
thing new here, e.g. application of calculus to the
and I applaud that.

But of course a full grown T. rex didn't run down its prey.

Apparently it could not, but in any case it didn't have to.

Much easier to take over a kill from a lessor carnivore.  
Hasn't Horner been saying this for years?  What no one 
ever seems to mention (correct me if i'm wrong) is that 
*juvenile* T. rexes must have been fearsome predators. 
One weighing in at about a ton, perhaps. Does anyone 
know what's been published on this (non-hypothetical)? 
What's the allometry of the hindlimbs? Has anyone estim-
ated the speed/agility of a juvenile or subadult T. rex?

Paul P.

> ** T. rex was 'slow-turning plodder' **
> Agile prey would have had no trouble keeping clear of a
> hungry <I>Tyrannosaurus rex</I>, a study confirms.

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