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Re: late night thoughts: not all T. rexes were adults

which basically was the running human hunter strategy--we may not be as fast
as you, but we endure better...
Scott Perry
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Subject: Re: late night thoughts: not all T. rexes were adults

> Andy Grass wrote:
> > This idea was presented in one of the CG dinosaur shows on the
> > Discovery Channel, I'm totally blanking on which one though.  The
> > basic idea was the juveniles chase the prey and corral it and then the
> > bigger ones jump out of the brush and take it down.
> I've always been bothered by the idea that fully-grown /T. rex/ were
> ambush predators. Their long slender limbs and high CG seem utterly
> unsuited to "jumping out from behind a bush" to me.
> My armwaving guess is that they walked down sick/old/injured prey,
> relying on those long legs to give a more efficient gait. When the  prey
> were sick of walking and exhausted: CHOMP!
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