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Re: prehistoric electric animals?

--- Tommy Tyrberg
<tommy.tyrberg@norrkoping.mail.telia.com> schrieb:

> It has been suggested that some peculiar structures
> ("cephalic 
> fields") on the head-shields of the osteostraci were
> electrical 
> organs, but there is no proof as far as I know.
> Tommy Tyrberg
> At 21:56 2007-06-02, Anthony Docimo wrote:
> >If modern-day electric fishes are any indication 
> (in terms of their 
> >skeletons),  do prehistoric fishes or tetrapods
> show any suggestion 
> >of being able to generate a mild or strong electric
> current?

Recent paper in JVP might discuss some of the more
recent ancestry of Gymnotiformes:

Haven't read it though.



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