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Re: late night thoughts: adults only

I understand that consensus is that when T. rex proper was in full flower sauropods were getting kind of scarce... might have been one prey/predator race where the predator won. Maybe Horner is right in that they were down and out at the end; but only if they had run out of the good stuff, in my opinion. }:D.

You misunderstand.

- North America seems to have lost all of its sauropods at the end of the Cenomanian (though the bad fossil record between the Cenomanian and the Campanian may be fooling us). That's _thirty million years_ before the first *Tyrannosaurus*. In the Campanian, "*Alamosaurus*" turns up (though it apparently stays in the southern part of the continent), and _then_ we get *Tyrannosaurus*.

- Asia seems to have had sauropods all the way to the end of the Cretaceous; the appearance of *Tyrannosaurus* does not seem to have made a difference.