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Re: 'Kitchen science' reveals dinosaurs died in agony

Actually, the authors do explicitly (and convincingly, IMO) address the issue of oblique fish death poses. Everyone should read the paper, it's quite well done, with very good controls (it's not every day that we get to run control experiments in paleo...).

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Uh...?!? Unless those are warm-blooded fish, fig. 6.4 (pp. 94-95) in:Â
Barthel, K.W., Swinburne, N.H.M., and Morris, S.C. 1990. Solnhofen: A Study in Mesozoic Palaeontology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 236 pp.Â
...should be enough to show that it ain't just "warm-blooded" animals that can attain this position in death... 'Course, I hain't read the Padian & Faux paper yet, either; maybe they address this...Â
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