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RE: 'Kitchen science' reveals dinosaurs died in agony

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> Actually, the authors do explicitly (and convincingly, IMO) address the 
> issue of oblique fish death poses.  Everyone should read the paper, 
> it's quite well done, with very good controls (it's not every day that 
> we get to run control experiments in paleo...).


Note that they are explictly dealing with opsithotony (the extreme **dorsal** 
hyperextension of the neck and tail). This is distinct from pleurothotony 
(lateral curvature), which is not uncommon in long-necked fossils of animals 
which likely were not endotherms (pachypleurosaurs, plesiosaurs, hyphalosaurid 
choristoderes, etc.

Grimly, the authors discuss that this posture can occur in humans... Ick.

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