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dinosaur death poses actually predeath poses

There is an implication of the death pose paper that people are missing. 

It means that the argument that the strong dorso-flexion of the necks common 
to many dinosaur skeletons is a post-mortem effect due to drying of the dorsal 
muscles and ligaments pulling the cervical series far beyond that which the 
neck could assume in life is apparently incorrect. Instead these poses 
represent close the the extreme posture that could be achieved in life. Since a 
of sauropods have their necks raised far above shoulder level without 
indication the cervicals were pulled apart -- the type of Mamenchisaurus youngi 
which the head is many meters directly over the back at the end of a gently 
curved cervical series being an excellent example -- it is probably they could 
this when alive, especially to reach that especially tasty new growth way up 
there on the broad leafed conifer. 

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