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Re: Dead Men Don't Wear New Papers

On 6/7/07, Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> wrote:
"It is noteworthy that a comparatively large skeleton (GMV 2124) was ever
included within _Sinosauroptery prima_ (Ji and Ji, 1997). But recent
observation suggests that the specimen GMV 2124 should be excluded from
_Sinosauropteryx prima_ by its much fewer caudal vertebrae
(approximately 40, compared to 64 of _Sinosauropteryx prima_), and by the
relatively greater length ratio of tibia to femur (about 140% , compared to
112% –115% of _Sinosauropteryx prima_). Thus the described material of this
species just contains the holotype GMV 2123 (NIGP
127586), NIGP 127587, and D 2141."

I am surprised HP Longrich hasn't weighed in on this already. His work isn't mentioned at all in this paper...


I know he had a subsequent presentation at the 2002 SVP on this as
well, but the SVP website no longer seems to maintain a PDF with the
abstracts from that year.

Nick Gardner