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RE: T. rex was a 'slow-turning plodder'...

John Hutchinson writes:
 > >  > The model is flexible enough that you can add as many regions
 > >  > of density as you want (we could put in a whole skeleton and
 > >  > give it bone density), but you gotta stop somewhere. My
 > >  > suspicion is that adding bones would raise leg density a bit
 > >  > and lift the whole body CM a bit dorsally (toward the
 > >  > vertebral column), but not much else.
 > > 
 > > Er.  Surely if you add mass to the ventral portion of an object,
 > > the CM moves centrally?  What am I missing?
 > The vertebral column is dorsal so the CM will go that way if you
 > add its bones; ventral leg/pubic bones will tend to lower it but
 > not so much (as mass of VC is larger). Gastralia etc are probably
 > too tiny to have much effect.

Ooohhhh, my dumb mistake, sorry.  I thought you just meant adding leg
bones (I was distracted by the talk of increasing leg density) whereas
of course you meant adding the whole skeleton.

Let us never speak of this again.

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